We love our home to be enjoyed by many at the best price and to ensure as many people as possible can find us we use a number of external advertising sites. We use a local agency who has taken the photographs, vists regularly, organises the cleaning and knows the area and property really well. They can answer all your questions: +44(0)1803 213814


You can book through these other sites if you wish, most are US based corporations and will charge you an extra "service fee". This is so they can re-invest in search engine marketing and top listing dominance. They do have help lines but the support teams are several thousand miles away and cannot know anything about the properties, except what is seen on screen. To read more on service fees please click here.

Please note however, the booking however is always with us and Discovery our local agent.. None of these Online Travel Agents (OTA's) actually takes a booking, they are purely intermediary marketing agents and this is explained in their T&'s. An abbreviated explanation can be found here


We use Discovery Holiday Homes in Torquay. Their website can be found here, or email enquiries@discoveryholidayhomes.com or call +44(0)1803 213814


We also offer discounts at certain times of the year and cakes on arrival for direct bookings. Due to the high commissions we have to pay to external sites for a booking these are NOT available unless direct booking is made.

All payments are also secure as payments are made via card facilities and guests are covered by Section 69 of the CPA and our local agency, plus our own property insurances.


We love Shaldon, we know you will too! Bring your family and friends, you won't want to leave!